Land of Lost Souls

D&D5e "Land of Lost Souls" Session 7

Before King Obould Many-Arrows

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for Session 7 of our D&D5e game, which was held on Sunday, 15 March 2015:

Player Characters for the “Land of Lost Souls,” Dexter V.H.’s telecom fantasy miniseries, using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, AD&D2/D&D3.5 Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms, Palladium Fantasy, Obsidian Portal, Skype, and the dice roller, as of spring 2015:

  • Kalidren ‘Cal’ Haraishur [Gene D.]-male Qualinesti (Sylvan Elf) Paladin of Kiri-Jolith, god of valor; folk hero and a potential member of the Legion of Steel; LGn, Lvl. 3
  • Maddie Moonfang [Sara F.C.]-female wolfing Barbarian, skin changer from the plains and former thrall of an evil wizard; TNc; Lvl. 3
  • Perogen Hawke [Josh C.]-male human Wizard of the White Robes, sage; NGc, Lvl. 3
  • Rowan Kar-Thon [Geoff C.]-male Half-Elf Skald (Bard), outlander and storyteller; NGc, Lvl. 3
  • Santiddio Sefrayn [Bruce K.]-male Half-Elf Rogue (thief), charlatan and professional treasure seeker; CNg, Lvl. 3
  • Redrik Stoneflow [Byron V.O./absent ]-male Neidar (Hill Dwarf) Cleric of Paladine, god of justice; outcast, guild artisan, and silversmith; LGn, Lvl. 3
  • Enyilarur Skilelo [Drew S./absent ]-male brass Draconian Eldritch Knight (Dragonborn Fighter), noble and arcanist, with three reptilian retainers; CGn, Lvl. 3

After evacuating two villages ahead of a spreading shadow and an Orcish army, a group of would-be heroes accepted a mission from the Dwarves of beseiged Thorbardin. They flew on giant owls over New Coast to Blodehelm, land of the Orcs.

In the city of Bloten, the group is brought before King Obould and a female Orc shaman. The great hall is lined with animal trophies and clan banners. Obould Many-Arrows invites the visitors to join him for a feast to celebrate the return of his long-lost grandson, Root.

Elf Cal and Dwarf Redrik are disguised as Orcs. They learn that the king is less interested in raiding his neighbors than some of the tribal warlords. Sam chats with Chief Quetti.

Sam and Santiddio learn that Strunge, chief of the Green Moss tribe, doesn’t want to squander the current unity of Blodehelm’s ruling council. Although the Orcs arrived in the “Land of Lost Souls” about a century ago, they have mostly been at peace with other races.

Rowan talks with the shaman, who is less interested in peace with other races and mentions one-eyed Gruumsh. The Skald doesn’t recognize the reference.

Perogen observes the humanoid banquet and ponders the lessons of his test at the Tower of High Sorcery, as well as a black spell book. Skilelo had returned with the second Dwarf scout to warn Thorbardin about another Orcish army on the march.

The Orc chieftains demand that Obould and the outlanders participate in a trial by combat before they’ll consider withdrawing their forces attacking human and Dwarven lands. They admit that Dark Elves have promised them territory.

Both Rogue Santiddio and Rowan volunteer, but the group eventually agrees on Maddie as its representative. The plainswoman is brought down to an iron-bound arena, where she faces off with a large guard drake.

The lizard charges at Maddie, who strikes it in return. In the rowdy audience, Paladin Cal prays to Kiri-Jolith, lord of valor, and Cleric Redrik prays to Paladine. Ranger Sam watches both those making wagers and the combatants to make sure there is no cheating.

Wizard Perogen tries chatting with some of the Orc, and Rowan starts a chant in favor of wolf-skinned Maddie. Others invoke Gruumsh as they cheer for the reptile. Santiddio talks with Strunge, who is sympathetic to the idea of peace.

The drake claws at Maddie, whose Barbarian rage helps her resist injury. The lupine warrior slays her scaled opponent, disappointing its handler but encouraging the non-Orcs.

Obould proclaims that his troops will no longer go to war on behalf of the manipulative Drow. He orders runners to be dispatched. Cal, Sam, and Redrik accept the king’s offer to stay the night in his keep.

Victorious Maddie goes out carousing with Perogen, Rowan, and Santiddio. A burly Orc challenges Perogen and Santiddio to a drinking contest, while Rowan spins tall tales.

After a pint of “Demon’s Brew,” Perogen passes out, so Maddie has to bring him back to his room. During the first watch, there is a knock at the adventuring party’s door.

A servant named Gribba says she brings word from Obould. The young female Orc says that the king has lost sway over several tribes and that the travelers should leave before a possible coup d’etat. She says they should return to Thorbardin if they can.

Gribba leads the group through the castle’s garbage-strewn lower levels. Through a combination of guile and stealth, the team makes its way past sentries. The wanderers make a forced march through the Khalkist Mountains until they are many miles from the Orc capital.

Since they have to wait a few days to rendezvous with their owl steeds, the adventurers head south, toward the ruins at Vantal….

I look forward to continuing our adventures tonight! Remember that our characters have attained third level.

I also look forward to Bruce’s Dread: Beneath a Metal Sky one-shot at Drew’s place tomorrow night. Be seeing you, -Gene


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