Land of Lost Souls

D&D5e "Land of Lost Souls" Session 5

Trouble in Thorbardin

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for Session 5 of our D&D5e game, which was held on Sunday, 22 February 2015:

Player Characters for the “Land of Lost Souls,” Dexter V.H.’s telecom fantasy miniseries, using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, AD&D2/D&D3.5 Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms, Palladium Fantasy, Obsidian Portal, Skype, and the dice roller, as of spring 2015:

  • Kalidren ‘Cal’ Haraishur [Gene D.]-male Qualinesti (Sylvan Elf) Paladin of Kiri-Jolith, god of valor; folk hero and a potential member of the Legion of Steel; LGn, Lvl. 2
  • Redrik Stoneflow [Byron V.O./absent ]-male Neidar (Hill Dwarf) Cleric of Paladine, god of justice; outcast, guild artisan, and silversmith; LGn, Lvl. 1
  • Maddie Moonfang [Sara F.C.]-female wolfing Barbarian, skin changer from the plains and former thrall of an evil wizard; TNc; Lvl. 2
  • Perogen Hawke [Josh C.]-male human Wizard of the White Robes, sage; NGc, Lvl. 2
  • Rowan Kar-Thon [Geoff C.]-male Half-Elf Skald (Bard), outlander and storyteller; NGc, Lvl. 2
  • Santiddio Sefrayn [Bruce K.]-male Half-Elf Rogue (thief), charlatan and professional treasure seeker; CNg, Lvl. 2
  • Enyilarur Skilelo [Drew S./absent ]-male brass Draconian Eldritch Knight (Dragonborn Fighter), noble and arcanist, with three reptilian retainers; CGn, Lvl. 2

After investigating the haunted ruins of Methegrist, spotting King Obould’s Orcish army on the move, and encountering wargs and strange Dark Elves, the adventuring party visited the Dwarven capital of Thorbardin.

The wanderers had received a chilly reception from Princess Eina, who asked them to wait in the city’s outskirts. Cal sleeps off his hangover, and Sam isn’t worried about posting watches in the “Dragon’s Forge” inn. He and Maddie find food for the snow leopard cubs they have adopted.

Perogen begins preparations for his test at the Tower of High Sorcery, and Rowan overhears someone in the common room asking for the “emissaries from the outside world.” Santiddio is also curious, since he isn’t interested in staying under house arrest.

Redrik and Skilelo keep watch over the steeds and cart with Half-Orc Root. They have already handed over Drow prisoner Meandrea and warned the Dwarves about Obould’s approaching horde.

Rowan, Sam, and Santiddio greet Erik Stonehammer, a Dwarf from the merchants’ guild. He wonders how the team managed to get around an Orcish army. They reply that while they encountered a few bands of scouts, they were able to take advantage of the mountainous terrain.

Stonehammer promises steel coins for information, but the travelers decline the offer. He then shifts back into his true form, that of the princess! She seems surprised to find that they’re honorable.

The next morning, the group debates what to ask of the Dwarves in return for the prisoner and information. Princess Eina brings it to the North Hall of Audience, where armored women stand alert and a council has gathered around a large table.

Skald Rowan defers to Paladin Cal, who reports on the magical darkness spreading over the Wayreth Forest, Obould’s army, and how his companions came across Root, the Orc king’s grandson.

The princess asks why the party bothered to warn them, and Cal and Ranger Sam reply that they hope to protect the free peoples. Shadowfox, a Dwarf scout, enters and verifies the outlanders’ report. He also flirts with Barbarian Maddie.

Retnu Greybeard, a captain of the guard, asks what Thorbardin can do. Cal and Rogue Santiddio aren’t sure of how to stop the Orcish army, but they recommend getting word to Obould that he has a grandson and heir.

Shadowfox is curious about Root and the strange Dark Elves, and he says that King Obould is probably not with his army, which has traveled across the sea from Bloodhelm to the northeast.

After consulting with the council, Princess Eina asks the party if it will take Root to King Obould in return for favors or some treasure. Sylvan Elf Cal asks the Dwarves to help his people with the growing shadow over the forest.

Sam asks for a seal of recognition and 1,000 steel pieces. The princess grants 500 st.p. to each party member. Cleric Redrik asks about any information on prophecies. Maddie and Wizard Perogen request favors to be determined later.

Half-Elf Rowan asks for provisions and weapons. The princess also grants the would-be heroes giant owls to take them over Orcish-held territories and the sea. Half-Elf Santiddio wants the “dark mithril” armor confiscated from Meandrea to be retailored so he can wear it.

Speaking of the Drow spy, the travelers receive word that she has asked to see them. Cal, Sam, and Santiddio go to the dungeon to talk with Meandrea. Meanwhile, Redrik, Skilelo, and Root watch the caravan and animals, and Maddie, Perogen, and Rowan go to the market to buy supplies and candy.

The guards outside the Dark Elf’s cell are entranced, and Meandrea taunts Cal, Sam, and Santiddio. She confidently tells them to give her regards to King Obould.

In the market, Maddie notices that someone is following her trio. In a weapons shop, a Gnome named Smigem accosts the squad and offers the following items:

  • Bow, autofire (fires magically flaming arrows) 10,000 steel pieces
  • Bow, Elven long
  • Bow, ram’s horn (“Rambo”)
  • Collar, blade, to restrain beasts

Maddie expresses a strange interest in the collar, so Smigem summons a large dog named Sapphire. Rowan is more interested in enchanted armor, and bored Wizard Perogen tries to discern the various schools of magic found in the shop.

Santiddio also notices someone following him, Cal, and Sam after they leave the prison. The Rogue ducks into an alley, while Cal and Sam try to block two cloaked figures. Santiddio stabs a third one, who had offered a business proposition and is surprisingly unharmed.

The man in the alley removes his robe, revealing himself to be the armored King Ivor Stoneaxe. Santiddio apologizes, and Cal and Sam are surprised when the two others turn out to be two young brass dragons!

The Dwarf king uses his mighty axe to verify Santiddio’s identity and story. He also senses that Sam is not the Half-Elf he appears to be. Ivor is amused by the ambush attempt and is interested in the party’s willingness to help against the Orcs. He advises them to leave the city before it comes under siege.

The two cloaked people following Maddie, Perogen, and Rowan enter Smigem’s shop. They’re Dwarf-sized with red, glowing eyes. Rowan casts Bardic Inspiration on Maddie and draws his long sword.

Maddie draws her sword but misses, and Perogen tries to protect the Gnome proprietor. The would-be assassins draw daggers and stab Maddie. Rowan strikes one foe twice, killing him, and Maddie rages. They take the remaining enemy prisoner….

Byron and Drew, we missed you at this past weekend’s game! I’ll also try to post notes for the latestStar Trek: Restorationsession soon. In the meantime, I look forward to continuing our adventures in the “Land of Lost Souls” and to resuming Jason E.R.’s “Channel 37” scenario. -Gene


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